What to Expect at PRBC

During a typical week!

Welcome! First off we just want to say thank you so much for checking out our church! We are honored that you would consider Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church to be your home. We want you to feel at home at PRBC and a part of our family. Please don't hesitate to contact us about anything at all. This page is just a small preview of our church on a typical week. The things you might see on a normal Sunday and a Wednesday night. Check it out!

A Message from Our Pastor:

Sunday Mornings:

The first thing you will see on Sunday morning is our Sunday School classes. They begin at 10 am. You will find a variety of different Sunday school classes, from all ages. We have a great time fellowshipping with other believers in a small group setting. Many classes share breakfast and even lunch after church together! We dig deep into the word of God, with many different lessons based on each class.

After Sunday School at 11 o'clock we have our main worship service. It is filled with many hymns and worship songs. At Pleasant Ridge we are passionate about prayer. We dovote a small portion of our service to a prayer time. During this time a Pastor will pray for the global spread of the Gospel around the word as well as for our local members and their families.

Pastor Mitch will preach God's word almost every Sunday except for the rare guest speaker. We believe in biblical exposition at PRBC. What that means is that our Pastor starts with the word of God and exposits or teaches the passage of scripture as it naturally flows. We do a combination of series through books of the Bible and stand alone sermons. There is always great bilbical preaching at Pleasant Ridge!

Sunday Evenings:

On the last Sunday of every month we have a time of community worship. We invite members from all churches in the State Road/Elkin area to attend. It is a very laid back time. Our Pastor or Associate Pastor will typically teach a lesson or preach a sermon. We have many differnt types of music on Sunday night. It will be anything from Southern Gospel to a praise and worship band.

Wednesday Nights:

On Wednesday Nights we dedicate a large portion of our time to prayer: for the needs in our community, the lost and for the members of our church. Our Pastor uses this time to teach through books of the Bible and series like I am a Church Member by Tom Reiner and the Ten Commandments. It is a time for a mid-week boost! And a time to be together with the fellow people of God.

For the youth on Wednesday nights, we focus on learning how to live a Christian life among a world and culture that is anti-christian.  We do this by learning the Word of God and finding truths that we can hold on to.  Topics may span anything from: Dating, Human Trafficking, Sanctity of Life, Apologetics, Scripture Memory, and How to overcome sin habits.  Wednesday nights are designed to welcome anyone, from, visitors who may know nothing of the Bible, to teens who have grown up in the Church.  Anyone is welcome who wants to know God better and how to live out His Word, day to day.

1997 Pleasant Ridge Rd

State Rd, NC 28676

 (336) 874-2875

Fax: (336) 874-2872

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