Our History

Humble Beginnings!

October 19, 1907

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church was planted by Shoaly Branch Baptist Church. On motion, the church was named "Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church"; on motion, elected Brother L.B. Murray pastor for the next year. Then the presbytery delivered the church, duly organized and set apart to do the Lord's work.


December 21, 1907

A Building Committee was chosen. No writen record appears concerning exactly when or at what cost the wooden framed the church was built. Bryan Carter remembers as a 9 year old boy going with his father to Doughton near Thurmond to help haul by hourse drawn wagon lumber that was used to build the church. (Picture shown above)


September 1913

Pleasant Ridge joined the Stone Mountain Baptist Association at New Light Church.


November 20, 1960

By the time of the dedication of the new building in 1960, a well had been dug, plumbing and rest rooms installed, parking area surfaced and various other improvements made. On November 20, 1960, at the morning worship hour a special service dedicating the new building to the glory of God.


April 2000

In April of 2000 the church was authorized to secure a loan from BB&T, eventually barrowing the rest of the money needed to construct the new and current building.


August 2013

In the month of August of 2013 Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church called Mitchell T. Smith to be the next pastor. He has remained in that role ever since.


If Christ tarries His coming, may all members of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church remain faithful in service. Those who are alive at His coming, may He find us busy in His service. For one truth is certain after one hundred years: it is faithfulness to Christ that has brought Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church this far and faithfulness to Him that will take us into the future.


1997 Pleasant Ridge Rd

State Rd, NC 28676

 (336) 874-2875

Fax: (336) 874-2872

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