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Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is the very reason Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church exists.  We believe that without Him we can do nothing.  We believe Jesus Christ left the right hand of His Father to come to earth and take on human flesh.  We believe, He willingly allowed Himself to be crucified on the cross to make restitution for the sins of mankind.  After Jesus died, we believe He was laid in a tomb and arose three days later.  We believe that He was seen by hundreds of people before He ascended back to His Father.

Jesus Christ now acts as our mediator in heaven against our adversary. We believe the only way to get into heaven is through Jesus. Through His blood, and nothing else, can a person be made right with God and have His sins washed away forever, otherwise mankind has no hope.

We at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church try to do all we can to lift high the name of Jesus Christ. We love Him, adore Him, are thankful for His sacrifice, but most of all, we worship Him.

Our most sincere wish is that He is exalted, so mankind might find salvation.

Do you know Him as your Lord and Savior?  We would love to help you find Him!

As a Church body we subscribe to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. You can find a copy of that document by clicking the link below:

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