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God is Faithful


We are all called to be faithful.

Each is given a "Talent" or ability by our Lord.  Are you hiding your abilities?  Are you living off the interest of your past deeds?  

This week our special guest Chaplain Eric Avery dives into the book of Matthew to help us see some truths.

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Sermon Series:  Joy

Showing Christ (part 1):

What does your life show?


Back on track with the sermon series and we start the "GO" portion.

We delve into Ephesians chapter 6.  Here we begin to see that to be a servant FOR Christ we must be a servant OF Christ.   To be a servant of Christ we must... Serve with integrity, intention and love, 

What Brings You Joy?


The world's joy is fleeting.  The only real, true, lasting joy comes from  our salvation.  


There is power to have joy because of an inheritance, a faith that does not fail, and the power of Jesus.

Every day is not going to be filled with joy.  We will have trials in this life, but you can get through any situation if you keep your eyes fixed on what is to come.

What Steals Your Joy?


We sustain our joy only through Christ.  

On many occasions in our lives there have been incidences when the "joy" was drained from us.   Much like getting told that a close friend had suddenly passed. 

However, if you know that you know that friend was a risen child of God then a new joy can be found.  For that soul has now found the greatest JOY with the Father.

The Joy of Forgiveness


The psalmist David teaches us that there is Joy in forgiveness.  When we refuse to repent of our sin "Your hand was heavy upon me."  But when we acknowledge sin to God, we are forgiven and mercy surrounds us.

"Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous; And shout for joy, all you upright in heart!" - Psalm 32:11 (NKJV)

Sermon Series:  Go

Showing Christ (part 1):

What does your life show?


Back on track with the sermon series and we start the "GO" portion.

We delve into Ephesians chapter 6.  Here we begin to see that to be a servant FOR Christ we must be a servant OF Christ.   To be a servant of Christ we must... Serve with integrity, intention and love, 

Sermon Series:  Showing Christ

Showing Christ (part 1):

What does your life show?


We start on a new series "SHOW".

"Behold, I make all things new."  

We follow the path to the narrow gate.  For there are truly only two paths.  The path of "Destruction" and the path of "Construction". 


Showing Christ (part 2):

The wrong way of thinking.


Do you have a wrong way of thinking about Christ and salvation?

Do you think people are good?

Do you take solace in not being as bad as ...?

Do you think you can be good enough?

We all need to realize the state we are in... we are broken.

Mercifully, God can provide what we need to be fixed.

Showing Christ (part 3):


Do we show Christ?  

What we look like when we show Christ to others is as important as how we see Christ.

Are we stripping off the old sinner and being renewed every day?  

Or are we just picking up that old husk and putting it back on again after asking God to rid us of it?

In this weeks sermon we look deeper into Ephesians to learn some much needed information pertaining to our old self.

Showing Christ (part 5):

What does your life show?


We continue in our sermon series, "Know, grow, SHOW, and go"

We continue our "Walk" and have a few important questions:

1) Do you walk for Christ out of a burden, or are you being changed?

2) Are you doing it as a chore, or as a privilege? 

Showing Christ (part 6):

Walk in His Light


"Do you know the light of Jesus Christ or are you still walking in darkness?"

"What is in your life that is not letting you shine?"

We tackle these very important questions as we continue examining what it means to show Christ to the world.

"For you were once darkness, buy now you are light in the Lord."

- Ephesians 5:8 (NKJV)

Showing Christ (part 7a):

Walking in Wisdom


What is the difference between Wisdom and Intelligence? 

 This week we start our V.B.S. and so our sermon is a bit short.  But well worth the lesson it brings.   Part 2 (7b) will be presented in two weeks.

Are you walking with care "circumspectly", or foolishly?

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Showing Christ (part 7b):

Walking in Wisdom


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this sermon was not able to be recorded.

Showing Christ (part 7c):

Walking in Wisdom


Today we finish up the third part of "Walking in Wisdom" by further examining His plan for us. 

We see that He wants to grow us through reading His word, talking with His people, and being in conversation with Him.

We then see that when we walk in His wisdom there will be evidence of Him in our lives.  We will worship Him no matter where we are or what we are doing. 

Showing Christ (part 8):



We continue our study in Ephesians.

Here we look at true submission and the path God has placed before us.

Showing Christ (part 9):

Walking in Wisdom


Your children are watching you...

what do they see?

If we expect our children to obey us, we first must obey God.

"Someone is going to win your children!" 

Love them enough to lead them to God.

Sermon Series:  Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ (part 1):

A Prayer to Prepare


Today we go from "Know" to "Grow."


Now that you "Know" God's word,

how will you respond?  Will you be

"stiff-necked" and reject it or will

you gladly receive it?

In Ephesians 3, Paul's response is to

bow to the Father. Paul realized that

growth comes through His Spirit

being rooted and grounded in love

and always points to the Savior.

Growing in Christ (part 2):

Growing Together


As Christians, we are either growing or dying.  Today, we continue exploring how to grow as Christians.

  To grow, first ensure you are committed to the correct calling (the calling of Christ, not the church). Then, commit to humility, meekness, patience, love, and unity.

Growing in Christ (part 3):

Effective Growth


As we continue to explore Christian

growth, we see that growth builds

each other up.  

Seeking out opportunities

to use the gifts that God has

given us to minister to others,

our growth will unify, mature

and build us up to BE the church;

not just to go to church.

Sermon Series:  Knowing God

Part 1: Knowing God is

Knowing Life


Are you spiritually lifeless without Christ or

alive with Christ?

How can you know?

Examine Ephesians 2 with us to see what being dead and being alive looks like in God's eyes.

Part 2: Mistaken Identity


 We return to Ephesians 2, here we ask an important question.  "Who are we and what do we stand for?"

How do we identify ourselves.  Each of us identifies differently but God only needs to see us as "good and faithful servants".

Part 3: Knowing God means

Knowing God's plan


We look at Ephesians 3. 

Are we "Free" or "Slaves"?

To be truly free we should be a prisoner of Jesus Christ.

For in true freedom only one answer can be given; "I was dead in my sins, the Lord has made me anew."

Sermon Series:  From Conflict to Conversion


Today we explore God's fresh vision for the church.  We find out that it is the same vision God has always been calling us to.  

That vision is to have

Christ Jesus as the center focus

of everything we do.

The vision begins with a burden.

It is positioned with prayer.

It materializes with a mission.

It is achieved through action.

Part 1: God's Fresh Vision


Part 2: The Journey to

Knowing Jesus


We explore the book of John and look at the conversion of Nicodemus. 

We are guided by the 4 "C's":

Conflict, Confusion, Conviction and Conversion.

The BIG question is : Do you KNOW that you KNOW Him?

Part 3: The God of Power


The book of Ephesians shows us that the church has been chosen for a purpose. 

We have been redeemed through His blood and forgiven of our sins. 

We can live with a purpose, empowered by God, like salvation means something.

Sermon Series:  Operation Living Hope

Operation: Living Hope Pt 1


Are we ready?  NO!

Do we want to be ready?  YES!

Can we become a single focused one minded and unified group, who has their main focus on Jesus Christ?  YES!  

Operation: Living Hope Pt 2


Can we experience True Joy?  YES!

But, not by our own means.

  It's not about us!

1 Peter, begins to show us.

Only by Faith and acceptance of His gift of Salvation, will you find a true "Living Hope"

Living Hope (pt 3):

The proof of the

Proven Salvation


What does your salvation mean to you?

Is there something in your life that is hindering you from experiencing all that God has in store for you?

Are you hopeless or are you living like you have hope?

Are you filled with the Spirit?

Does your salvation mean something to you?

Is it worth guarding at all costs?

Is it worth protecting?

If so, what is holding you back?

Living Hope (pt 4):

Inward and

Outward signs


What are the two ordinances that display an inward change?

Do you know the signs of inward change?

This week we dive into Colossians 2 and look at what guides us to make an inward change.


Easter Sunrise Service & Operation: Living Hope (part 5)

"It is Finished"

We start with our sunrise service.  Here we look into the power Jesus has over EVERYTHING!

We continue in the morning service and explore the resurrection from John's view.  Proving Christ's earthly ministry, "It is finished!"

Other Sermons

The Path of the Gentile


This week we are focusing on GOING.  Our youth pastor Jason Lawson points out the pathway that allows even the Gentile to enter Heaven.  And the answer is CHRIST.

We also layout our plan for the youth to go to Clarkston, GA and bring the word of God with a handcrafted vacation bible school.

Serving the Lord

with Gladness in

Clarkston, GA


Today we hear from members of the team who traveled to Clarkston, GA to serve the Lord with gladness.

Are you serving the Lord with gladness?  If not...

Do you need a heart change? 

Are you serving in the right place?

Is God calling you to be a catalyst?

"You're Not... but I AM"


We all have insecurities...

that voice inside you that says

"you aren't ____ enough."

To overcome these insecurities remember who you are is no where near as important as who God is.

Don't come to God asking for help with your purpose.  Come to God surrendering to His purpose.  Only then will you find yours!

Whatever your "____" is, know that God has it and through salvation we are one with Him.

 Do you know Christ's Salvation?


This past week most of us in North Carolina were getting ready for the arrival of hurricane Florence.   

Are we preparing for eternity as much as we have for this storm?  The big catch is we knew "when" this storm would happen.  Only the Father knows when we will be called home. 

Are you living like it matters? 


Kevin Calloway


As PRBC celebrates homecoming, we turn to Nehemiah and Psalms to see what God's word says about coming back home.

Nehemiah had a discerning spirit, a strong desire, and a sensitive heart.  He gave God the credit for everything that was done which ultimately led to His people hearing the law, repenting, and returning to a right relationship with God.

Psalms 100 teaches us to make a joyful noise and praise our Lord for what he has done and for what he will do through our church.

Jeff Walsh
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