Sunday School

Connecting with the body of Christ!

At PRBC we love community! We know God has designed each of us for community. We believe that Sunday school can be a vital part of that design for community. We want our Sunday school classes to be involved in each others lives. They should hold each other accountable through out the week. Find a Sunday School class for you!

Adults #1

Teacher: Chris Reeves & Kevin Calloway
Location: Fellowship Hall

This class is a great group of young families that look for opportunities to help one another. They focus on living out their faith with each other. When someone is stuggling the others help bring them back up. They are currently going through the Explore the Bible Series by Lifeway.

Adult #2

Teacher: Jeff Walsh & Allen Myers
Location: Main Building

The Adult #1 Sunday school classes is a class that loves to learn about the word of God. These members grow with one another by going through the Explore the Bible series by Lifeway.

Adults #3

Teacher: Jimmy Caudle & Diane Bowen
Location: Main Building, Choir Room

This Adult Class is a place where anyone can continue to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Adult Ladies

Teacher: Kari Reeves & Annette Blackburn
Location: 1st classroom, Main Building

Senior ladies meet each week to learn and grow in Christ as well as offering support for one another as we face life's struggles together. We Want to personally invite anyone looking to be a part of what God is doing through our senior ladies class to come and join us. They also go through the Explore the Bible Series by Life way.

Youth (7th-12th Grade)

Teachers: Rev. Jason Lawson, Todd Garner, Jonathan Tharpe, Brandon & Regina Davis
Location: Old Sanctuary

The youth group at Pleasant Ridge seeks to Know God, Understand Others, & Explore Self.  Our passion is to walk as Jesus did, rightly handling the Word of Truth, having an awareness of the presence of God, living a life of loyalty to Jesus and loving others with the kindness of the Spirit.  We may not be the normal youth group but then again we are setting our sights on a Heavenly goal and we are running the race with endurance!  Normal was never an option!  To God be the glory! Psalms 145:4.

Inductive Bible Study

Teacher: Sandra Martin & Denise Walsh
Location: Top Floor, Education Building

Our class has the unquenchable desire for its members to be able to study the Bible for themselves and therefore equipping them to teach others fulfilling the Great Commission. We use technology and/or other resources to search scripture like a detective looking for clues and answers that nurtures a growing relationship with Elohim.  Our two-hour class begins at 9 am each Sunday.

College & Career

Teacher: Kimberly Smith & Wesley Martin
Location: Basement, Education Building

The College & Career group seeks to create a home for those who are journeying in a new season of life.  For those who are starting to spread their wings and fly outside the shelter of mom & dad we hope to be a family that lives this life together.  The two things we all have in common are 1. We are all in a stage of ‘change’ & 2. we are all seeking God presence!  Home is made up of a family and a Family is made of imperfect people who cling together in love.  That is who we are and love is what we do! Acts 2:46-47.

Children, Toddlers & Babies

We have a wide range of classes for children of all ages! From infants to toddlers! We will take great care of your babies and we have great facilities to take care of them! Our teachers do a great job teaching them about Christ even at a young age.